New England

A VERY brief history of the New England Synchronized Swimming Association (NESSA)

It has come to my attention that there has been some confusion about the use of the NESSA name, and how it relates to the two synchronized swimming associations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Several years ago, all of the synchro clubs located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire were grouped together in a single association (NESSA - New England Synchronized Swimming Association). At some point, the association grew so large, that it was decided to split it into two separate associations. My understanding is that the primary reason for the split was to allow more swimmers to be able to qualify for higher competition. (Qualification was based on the top scores within an association, so if only the top three scores qualified, then only three groups would advance.) With two associations, twice as many swimmers could qualify for Regional, Zone and National competitions.) NESSA was split into two new associations - New England North and New England South. Together these two associations now make up Region D of the East Zone of USA Synchro. (The NESSA name is no longer used by USA Synchro.)

Even though the clubs now belonged to separate associations (with separate governing boards and finances) they had all worked together so well for so long, that it seemed natural to continue to hold meets together. That way, the associations could share costs for pool time, and could share judging duties. The two associations do share a single secretary and treasurer, but keep separate funds.

Remember, although it may appear to be a single "Synchro Meet" going on (and that is the way they are listed in the calendars) it is actually two separate association meets taking place.